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IndustrialCompressedAirPressureControl(ICAPC)processisoneofthesignificantanddemandingtasksinalltheprocess industries. Due to the unpredictable leakages and nonlinear behavior of the pneumatic control valve, the automatic pressure control is very difficult with respect to its various preferable operating points. In this paper mathematical modeling, robust PID controller and novel parameter optimization technique have been proposed. This paper deals with various effects of disturbances and uncertainties affecting the process dynamics. The novel robust controller yields better set-point tracking capability and survives against the sudden regulation in the load parameter changes. For mathematical modelling and parameter optimization, the robust hybrid form of fminsearch and fmincon (FSFC) technique has been used, which provides the accurate transfer function model and the model validation has been analyzed with respect to real-time pressure process. This paper also proposed PID controller optimization techniques such as Pattern Search (PS) and Fsolve (FS) for the pressure process with split-range control scheme and the closed loop performances are compared with existing Ziegler-Nichols (Z-N) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) based PID controller. The simulation and real time closed loop response have been obtained based on the Servo-problem (set point change) and Regulatory-problem(load change) operating conditions.

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