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Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) are dynamic networks due to their node mobility and may be employed as multi- hop networks. Major research spotlight in data aggregation is directed towards conserving power. Additional research problems contain increasing the security level in data transmission and aggregation, managing tradeoffs in data aggregation i.e. tradeoffs among dissimilar objectives such as data accuracy, latency, improving quality of service in terms of throughput, end delay and power consumption. Security problems created by sensor networks constitute a big field for research issues like constructing routing protocols with inherent security aspects, cryptography technique for sensor networks, designing safe data aggregation protocols, designing intrusion finding method and multimedia sensors security. In this research work, Security-Enabled Cluster Head Node Disjoint Power Aware Clustering (SENDPAC) method is proposed to modernize MANET security aspects endlessly when forwarding information from source node to destination node.

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