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Road networks play a vital role in the socio-economic growth throughout the world. Over population in developing countries, such as India, cause destabilisation of hill slopes and movement of mass wasting. Stability of slopes is in hilly terrain is substantial for for proper planning, development, and maintenance of hilly roads. The present study contributes in mitigation processes, through slope stability and qualitative estimation of rock mass classification systems, in between Mettupalayam and Coonoor Ghat sections, Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu, India. The Coonoor Ghat section (\mbox{NH-67}) plays a significant role in transportation which connects Nilgiri with Karnataka and Kerala. The geo-mechanical classifications of Rock Mass Rating (RMR) and Slope Mass Rating (SMR) provide information about both rock quality and discontinuity associated with the type of the potential failure in each slope. Based on RMR, most of the locations R-2 to R-5 and R-7 to R-8 represent fair rock type (Class II) those of SMR exhibits unstable to stable slopes (Class II to IV). It is clear that RMR values provide better results than SMR values. More attention should be given to the maintenance of these unstable slopes to provide more safety.

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