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VANET helps in preventing critical circumstances like traffic congestion, unobserved interferences, and accidents. VANET security is vital as their presence relates to dangerous, life-threatening conditions. To certify secure communication between vehicles in VANET, each message should be secured and checked continuously. However, current works are unable to notice the node compromise and message dropping attacks. Furthermore, they encompass a vast communication overhead. Hence the core objective of this research work is to develop a guaranteed communication scheme for VANET, which precisely detects compromised nodes with low-complexity, interruption, and overhead. In this paper, a Trust and Certificate Aided Secure Communication (TCASC) Scheme for VANET proposed and the vehicles in VANET grouped into clusters, and their Cluster Head (CH) are preferred based on the trust degree. The respective cluster head sends only the messages from validated members. Then security is certified by employing message validation and certificate revocation mechanisms. Simulation results proved that the proposed scheme attains increased detection accuracy and delivery ratio with reduced communication overhead.

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