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The propagation of Rayleigh waves in an orthotropic elastic half-space underlying an orthotropic elastic layer is analysed. The layer and the half-space are considered in finite sliding contact, for which a parameter ξ,(0 ≤ ξ ≤ 1) has been introduced to represent the sliding contact interfaces. The extreme values of ξ correspond to smooth and perfect contact interface, respectively. It was found that the general dispersion equation exhibiting finite sliding contact between the layer and the half-space depends on the sliding parameter. Frequency equations derived by Vinh et al. [1] and Vinh and Anh [2] have been recovered as particular cases of the present formulation. Numerically the effect of sliding parameter on the speed of Rayleigh wave has been examined for orthotropic half-space (Topaz) underlying an orthotropic layer (Barytes), (ii) Uniform half-space (Granite) underlying an elastic layer (Sandstone). The comparison of Rayleigh wave speed behavior corresponding to smooth sliding and perfect contact has been shown graphically.

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