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Under the impact of electro - magnetic activation and marginal load disruption, electro - mechanical linking resonance can be generated on the motor driveshaft of the moderately slicing segment of a shearer. In this sense, this hypothesis explores the vibration properties of a motor rotor and the effect of electro - mechanical couplers. Besides, system model approximate solution is obtained through the multiple time scales method in the instance of sub-harmonic resonance, and the Rung-Kutta Procedure of the fourth order defined the steady-state solution. In addition, the electric and magnetic factors containing the angle of the operational strength factor, the couple of pole combinations, the permanent magnet index, the saturation magnetization correlation and the technical parameters concerned for the tensile vibrations of the rotor structure, such as torsional rotor stiffness and longitudinal load, are tested. In considering Lyapunov’s first indirect procedure, the equilibrium of the steady state approach nearby its worst resonance situation is reviewed. The results on the steady state solution of the various parameters are surveyed and discussed. The simulation outcomes are calculated using the software MATLAB program.

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