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Kingdom of Bahrain


In this paper, we will present our experiences and results in delivering and developing the course assessments of the engineering practical course. Moreover, we will compare and discuss the course assessment type of the engineering practical courses between the physical classes and the online classes, because we suffer in our distance learning during Covid-19 pandemic since we transferred to distance learning in February 2020 in the kingdom of Bahrain. In my last class in spring semester, I used to change my course assessments by adding the project-based assessment with 55% grade, keeping the rest of the grades for assignment, quiz, written exams and students class participation. Therefore, I can assess my students gradually using a well-defined Rubrics and I can determine the student project progression and implementation, then I can follow up and give them my feedback to enhance the project requirements and finally to achieve the course outcomes. The student project has several-linked course ILOs, and it can be implemented within three steps under the observation of the instructor. The project began with an introduction of the design concepts of a specific residential plan selected by the student, and then started to apply the architectural plan using Revit, finally create the electrical plan using MEP facilities in Revit. This modification in course assessment is very important; I consider it a successful way especially during the current situation of covid-19 pandemic after most of the educational institutions converted to distance learning. This situation needs more important requirements, not only improving the program infrastructure, but also developing your course specification which involves several aspects, such as the course ILOs, course assessment, teaching methods, course materials and learning resources.

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