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This paper formulates a novel quartile coordinated search technique that finds a 3-D randomly located landmine. In addition we calculated the expected time to detect the landmine in Symmetric Coordinated search Technique (SCST). We introduce the optimal search strategy that minimizes the expected time for detecting the landmine assuming trivarite standard normal distribution in the cases SCST. An approximation algorithm has been introduced to facilitate searching procedures. The stochastic Euclidean distance between a known satellite equations and a randomly moving meteor in the 3 dimensional has been introduced. Also, we illustrate a technique known as coordinated search that completely characterizes the search for a randomly located target on the plane. The idea is to avoid wasting time looking for a missing target. Four searchers or robots start from the center of circle to search out a lost target, an illustrative application from real life has been introduced not only to demonstrate the applicability of this search technique but also to facilitate the using of constrained approaches and expectations.

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