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We present an experimental demonstration of the B92 quantum key distribution protocol using the id3100 Clavis2 system from idQuantique. The B92 protocol implemented on this device utilizes the hardware more efficiently than the factory loaded four state protocols (BB84 and SARG04). The system shows a secure key generation rate of 6.42 kilobits per second and a quantum bit error rate of 1.75% at a mean photon number (μ) = 0.03 over an optical line length of up to 80 km. Our results scale similarly to the BB84 protocol results, thus showing the feasibility of implementing a two-state protocol over a fibre network in a system traditionally used for running the four-state BB84 and SARG04 protocols. Additionally, the B92 protocol is found to be simpler to implement as compared to the BB84 protocol. This is because it uses only two states provided they are non-orthogonal; hence requires fewer resources.

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