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Saudi Arabia


In this study, we have presented a novel fractional numerical model for the breast cancer stages. We have proved the existence of a stable solution of the fractional model. Also, the optimal control of this model and numerical technique for the simulation of the control problem is discussed. We have proved the existence of the solution. We have achieved the results of the dissection with numeral emulations. The compartment diagram of the model is done. We have utilized Mathematica programming to calculate the outcomes. A lot of investigators have shown that bacterial DNA could generate and suck electromagnetic waves. One of the major experiments about bacterial waves has been completed via Montagnier et al., where they revealed that genomic DNA of highly pathogenic bacteria has certain sequences that are fit to generate electromagnetic waves. The outcomes revealed that electromagnetic waves affect the vital physicochemical processes in both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Since infectious diseases threaten human health where billions of individuals suffer from serious diseases caused by many infectious agents so the current study restores the hope in the control of infectious agents as the numerical demonstration by the current study was of impressive significance in the study of disease transmission since it might explain the basic components which impact the spread of infection and may recommend certain control measures. The numerical style used in this study to solve the proposed investigated model has not been applied by any other authors before that.

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