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Due to globalization and modernization, the population of cities is increasing day by day. Also, due to lack of time and work pressure, most of the people living in cities have to depend on different types of food services. To fulfill the requirement of people, the number of hotels, restaurants, and many types of food courts are increasing day by day. All these food-service points mostly depend on chicken, mutton, fish, prawns, and other different types of items that are ameliorating and deteriorating in nature. Keeping this in view, we develop here an inventory model for items that are both ameliorating and deteriorating in a crisp environment. Moreover, the technological development and uncertainty of climate have a great impact on amelioration and deterioration. As such the rate of amelioration and deterioration are of imprecision in nature. Thus, to overcome this situation we also simultaneously discuss a fuzzy model having ameliorating and deteriorating parameters as trapezoidal fuzzy numbers, and the Signed Distance Method is used for defuzzification. Different numerical examples are presented to validate the model. Finally, the sensitivity of important parameters is also studied to draw managerial insight.

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