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The selection of a chain leader is an important issue in wireless sensor networks (WSN). In this paper, we introduce a new method to select chain leaders in chain-based routing protocol using Neural Network (NN). Our proposed method can be applied to any chain based routing protocol such as PEGASIS (Power-Efficient Gathering in Sensor Information Systems), CBERP (Cluster Based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol), CCM (Chain-Cluster Based Mixed Routing Protocol), CCBRP (Chain-Chain Based Routing Protocol), etc. To approve our claim that our idea can be applied to any chain-based routing protocol we have applied our method to two of the most known protocols, PEGASIS (original chain-based routing protocol) and CCBRP. It is very well known that energy consumption is a very important issue for all Wireless Sensors Networks (WSNs). Our proposed method is based on the Neural Networks tool to select chain leaders based on the node’s residual energy. The simulation result shows that the use of our proposed method has improved the performance of both PEGASIS and CCBRP in terms of the consumed energy and the network lifetime.

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