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A method of color images cryptography will be introduced, programmed, and tested. The proposed method is based on using a digital color image as an image key; this image is to be kept secret without transmission. The proposed method will provide a high level of images protection based on the complicated and complex private key used in cryptography, this key will be changed when replacing the image key, or changing the data block size, or changing the color channel. The proposed method will be compared with other standard methods of data cryptography, and it will be shown how this method will improve the efficiency of data cryptography by minimizing the encryption-decryption time, the obtained results will be compared with the standard method of data cryptography to show the speedup achieved by the proposed method. It will be shown how to execute the proposed method in parallel, 2, 4, and 8 threads will be used to execute the method and the associated speedup will be calculated. The proposed method will protect the data by providing a high level of security, this can be achieved by using a variable-length private key, the private key length and content will depend on the selected image key, selected color matrix, and the selected block size. The block size used in the proposed method will be variable and it will be shown that the proposed method will satisfy the quality requirements by providing good value for Mean Square Error (MSE), and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR)

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