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The world health organization (WHO) recommends breastfeeding is mandatory for two years. To support this recommendation several research work have been done to suggest that breastfeeding has clear advantages, specially in eradicating morbidity and mortality due to infectious diseases like pneumonia in childhood. Having these in consideration this work divides the susceptible individuals in to two different classes depending on the level of adequate nutrition particularly breastfeeding to study the transmission dynamics of Pneumonia. In addition the effect of hygiene care for children under five years is considered. The aim of this work is to examine the effect of breastfeeding and hygiene care in reducing the risks associated with pneumonia. This studies also compared breastfed with non-breastfed children that breastfed children have the highest protective immunity against infectious disease (Pneumonia). Finally, we performed a large scale of numerical simulations to verify the theoretical work and the result of the simulation reveals that hygiene care and infection reduction due to breastfeeding decreases the transmission dynamics of pneumonia disease.

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