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To effectively educate educations students, online platforms are crucial. Unfortunately, they might not be well- represented in universities. The goals of the study are determined in this light. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how the use of e-Learning has affected the quality of education in Jordans tourism and hospitality colleges during the recent Corona virus pandemic. Before doing regression analysis, a survey was sent out to faculty and employees at tourism and hospitality schools. Using SPSS version 22, researchers analyzed responses made on a 37-point Likert scale. An evaluation procedure was performed on it. The initial belief that ELPs are more effective and acceptable reduces the drive to keep taking them. According to linear regression analysis, investments in training, incentives, and assistive technology have a favorable and statistically significant effect on the quality of education provided by tourism and hospitality programs at the university level. Future research should compare results before and after COVID, as suggested by our findings.

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