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This paper aims at assessing the current status of solid waste management practices in stone and marble industry (SMI) facilities in Palestine. To this end, mixed qualitative and quantitative approaches have been adopted. Morse specifically, both field visits and semi-structured interviews as well as questionnaires have been employed to gather needed data from a randomly selected sample of Palestinian SMI faculties. Such data include facilities’ demographics, their infrastructure and production inputs, solid and liquid waste estimated quantities as well as the current waste management practice. Statistical analyses show that SMI facilities are highly heterogeneous in their profiles and practices. Besides, it was found surveyed respondents from SMI facilities have high awareness on the importance of waste management and willingness to apply effective waste management practices in their facilities. To this end, a set of practical implications have been developed to help different stakeholders in the SMI in employing more effective waste management practices in their facilities and hence improve their social, environmental and economic sustainable organizational performance.

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