Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences

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Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan


Band-pass filters functioning in the near-infrared (IR) range are desired for laser technology, multi-photon fluorescence, and IR imaging applications. In this study, we have designed four band-pass filters in the near Infrared spectrum (900-1200 nm) by vertically stacking different high and low-index materials. The band-pass filters are modelled by Essential Macleod software with different thicknesses. The layer’s thicknesses were optimized in such a way to provide the negligible reflectance and maximum transmission on the front side. All the simulated band-pass filters exhibit high transmittance, but TiO2/Al2O3 and Ta2O5/Al2O3 outperforms other modelled structure in terms of performance due to the better incorporation of high and low-index material. Furthermore, we have also investigated the effect of different substrates. Out of all substrates, glass and ITO substrates performed well because their refractive index is in close proximity to the requirements to get minimum reflectance. These findings point to a viable future approach for optical band-pass filters operating in the infrared spectrum.

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