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In this paper, we investigate the optical soliton solutions for a fractional weakly nonlinear ion-acoustic wave in a magnetized electron–positron plasma using the fractional modified Korteweg–deVries–Zakharov–Kuznetsov (f-mKdV-ZK) model. The fractional calculus framework is employed to describe the non-local effects arising from the long-range interactions and memory effects in the plasma medium. The presence of a magnetic field introduces additional complexities to the dynamics of ion-acoustic waves in electron–positron plasmas. We derive the governing equations for the f-mKdV-ZK model and employ the reductive perturbation method to obtain the corresponding optical soliton solutions. The obtained soliton solutions reveal the influence of fractional order, weak nonlinearity, and magnetic field on the characteristics of the ion-acoustic waves. The results demonstrate the formation and propagation of stable optical solitons in the magnetized electron–positron plasma and provide insights into the fundamental behavior of such systems. This study contributes to the understanding of nonlinear wave dynamics in fractional plasmas and offers potential applications in various plasma physics and astrophysical scenarios.

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