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In China, mental health education for students is currently a prominent focus of psychological research. On the other hand, recent studies use a questionnaire evaluation and analysis to examine students capacity to acclimate to the college experience. A thorough examination of psychological education had conflicting results. As a result, this research emphasizes how Chinese language instruction affects culinary vocational students views of mental health education. For this study, student and education datasets are first obtained. The education dataset is normalized using the normalization approach in the preparation step to remove any unnecessary education data. After that, at the feature extraction step, the variation auto encoder (VAE) is used to convert the original input into various features. Regarding evaluating the college students competence, the penetration analysis uses three models: the Pearson chi-square test, McNemar test, and Fishers exact test. This studys performance is evaluated in terms of learning correctness, satisfaction, learning interest, and pre-and post-education evaluation, as well as compared to other studies to achieve the highest effectiveness in culinary students in the use of mental health education. The Origin tool is used to visualize the results of this study.

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