An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


Food security is one of the topics worthy of attention in Jordan, in light of the continuous increase in the population numbers and the significant decline in agricultural land areas. The study aimed to identify the trends of change in land area planted with Wheat and barley in Jordan in astray of the population growth, and determine the size of the change in the production and the consumption of it in Jordan and how it relates with the population growth. The study used a descriptive research method, to achieve its objectives; data were collected from various sources, such as scientific books, journals, internet and the official statistical reports. The study found that the trend of the change in land planted with Wheat in the area of Jordan is a decline in astray of the population growth, as well as the general trend of the Wheat and barley production tends to decline or decline during the period studied in astray of the population growth, The study also found that trend of the change in the Wheat and barley consumption in Jordan is moving towards to increasing or rising in astray of high population growth. The study recommended adjusting the rates of the population growth in order to reduce the population increasing and urban sprawl toward farmland, and the reduction of the labor migration from the countryside to the cities, as well as the use of the modern technological methods in growing grain so as to increase the volume of production by raising the productivity rate per acre to compensate for the decline in the size of cultivated areas, The study also recommended to adjust the Wheat and barley consumption pattern of the population to reduce the high rates of consumption, by following the appropriate government and private policies.