Ancestral Traditions and Environmental Protection at Jes Kabye of North Togo

The kabyé region in the North of Togo is particularly for the study of the main role of the density of population and the cultura land religious values in the management and protection of the natural environment. The kabyé have lived this region for a very long time and are said to be the natives, something that is rare in Africa. The individual is intimately linked to this physical environment (soil, water, vegetation and fauna) and spiritual environment (spiritual mediators “Agolma” between him and God “Esso” his creator). Sacrosanct rules established by the Old “Sossa”of thesocietyforgood running of the society are strictly respected by every body for fear to be punished by the society and the gods. The intimate relation between man and the nature let the kabyé to protect some parts of the forest, sources of water and totemic animals.

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