Tayeb Salih's Season of Migration to the North Disacounter-narrative written in 1969 at the early phase of African 'Decolonization'. This narrative re-writes Conrad's Heart of Darkness –and other ethnocentric representations of Europe's Other such as Shakespeare's Cali ban and Othello-from an Arab/African perspective. In his Culture and Imperialism, Said considers Salih's novel an example of the postcolonial native writers' reclamation of the fictive to poi of colonial culture "on the very same territory once ruled by a consciousness that assumed the subordination of a designated inferior. Saree Makdisee makes a similar point in his essay," The Empire Renarrated: Season of Migration to the North and the Reinvention of the Present". Makdisee considers Season a counter-narrative of the bitter history of modem British imperialism.