Local communication in search of credibility

Case of the city of Agadir

Urbanization is growing all over the world, people tend to live in cities, that is why cities are obliged to communicate and present information about the visual identity , about local culture and business opportunities to its population cities must work more on its visibility and communication. This study is concerned with the ways used in AGADIR city to communicate not only with local population but also with all the other world.

Advertising Agadir is done by flyers, TV and radio but rarly by using internet or social medias.

Decentralization created the need to communicate to make the difference between regions and to give a good image to each place and be better , it is a competition between cities. of a new kind: competition between cities and regions. On the other hand, globalization and new lifestyles push people to move around the world. We are then witnessing the emergence of new tourist destinations. As a result, the cities use communication techniques to be attractive nationally and internationally.

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