CSR corporate social responsibility and practices of communication managers: case study food companies of Souss Massa Draa

Increased pressure from civil society and the community financial, generated by the strong growth of ecological and societal problems has pushed companies to adopt more transparent and responsible modes of governance. This governance has resulted in actions and so-called responsible and citizen speeches. Accordingly, communication on Corporate Social Responsibility takes on, in this context, a particular strategic and operational dimension. To study it, we propose in this article to study the concept of CSR and that of communication on social responsibility. CSR on the one hand and on the other hand we are going to study the primordial role played by the communication manager and the degree of his involvement in the implementation of socially responsible messages. Does it have the profile, the power and the means sufficient to act effectively in this direction? The study will allow us to identify the various societal and managerial issues of this communication on CSR.