The discursive logics and the axiological positioning of telephone operators mobile in Algeria

Today a product or service is enough to himself. The current trend in the field of marketing is to arouse emotions, to arouse temptations and produce feelings among consumers. It is precisely in this consists the art of vertising that tries to seduce us and challenge us, by a preponderance of the image and imagination, for entertainment. Complexity in the discursive production of all advertising is the. systematic consideration of the context and the specificity of the interaction situation.

We try, through this paper, to describe the structure of the advertising operators of mobile telephony in Algeria, enrolled in a perspective of persuasion in a competitive situation, with respect to the common audience segments and heterogeneous linguistically and social Jiy.

It is through an analysis semi opragmatique we will try to describe the different staging’s imagined by the creative to ensure the success of their advertising. This will allow us later to identify the discursive logics specific to each operator and to highlight the specificities of their axiological positioning.

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