This article represents some inquiries about Mohamed Dahman’s book entitled: Nomadic and stability. The researcher believes what motivated the author to write about this issue is the lackof studies that address the issue of sociology in the Sahraoui context. Therefore, this book is mainly about two eras; the pre- Spanish colonial period, 2- the period of stability and the occurrence of the social, legal institutions. Aatouf tried to analyze the content of the chapters of the book. He titled the first chapter as: Nomadic, as a life style. Dahman, in this chapter, tried to analyze the different types of Bedouins and nomadic grazing in the Sahara regions. As for the second chapter, Dahman tried to address the nomadic life style in Saqia al Hamra and WadiAdahab during the pre-stability period. The Third chapter is concerned with the occurrence of stability locations and how it affects the nomadic life style.