Literary theories and movements have different phases and characteristics. Modernism as a literary movement has been seen as a remarkable one that shaped the English literature as a whole. Thanks to T.S. Eliot and many others, modernism has become a unique phenomenon and abackbone in English literature especially when it comes to the poetic diction and the role of the poet in society. In the Romantic Era, the poet is attached to his poem and the productions are merely spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. For modernism in general and T.S. Eliot I particular, the poet should be detached from any strings of subjectivity. Thus, The Poet has no personality; he is just a medium who mirrors the external world and feelings without being involved in the process of depiction. This resulted in public refusal of disorder and fragmentation of time and events in poetry and life. Eliot hoped that order would be maintained through common sense and collective acceptance. “The wasteland” is an example that reflected the chaos during the First World War.