Publishing academic articles, papers and manuscripts is a challenging task. Nowadays, editorial boards amend rules of publication which include abstracts of the Arabic papers in English or/and French. As a result, most researchersrely on Machine Translation instead of the Natural Translation. In the present study, translated abstract from Arabic to English or French between 2004 and 2013 in the various issues el El-Hakikaare analyzed. Results reveal that articles’ abstract are translated to French with a percentage of 44.64% more than English which accounts for only 28.86 %. This choice is due to the historical presence of French in the Algerian academia from one hand and the weak mastery of English on the other hand. The English abstracts are under scrutiny to explain the level of accuracy when using Natural Translation and Machine Translation. The study reports examples of non-sense translations, wrong word-to-word translations, whimsical translations, and one-sentence paragraphs.