Andalusia’s Sufism Between the apostasy of gnosis among the Sufi elites and the Islam of the lay people in Tlemcen

Sufism allows the practitioners to discover the mysterious secrets about the world and the universe through introspection and the perception of hidden things. It opens a window that allows one to see the origin of the world, for example, the hierarchy of divine powers and what is hidden from the essence of man. Gnosticism as a doctrine is based on a person's knowledge of himself and the deep voice within through an understanding of inner insight. This article attempts to compare Sufism among the elites withIslam of the lay people by presenting the example of Sufism and Andalusian mysticism. Religious schools and sheikhs are the sample in the study who gave a lot to Sufism. The article also relies on ancient texts and poems, as well as analysis ritualin order to comprehensively understand the relationships of the Sufi with the world and people.