The role of the pious people in facing the problem of fear in society: TadlaSociety as a case study between the 16th and 17th centuries

In every age and place there are noble people whose only concern is the public interest and the advancement of the social, economic and political milieu. In the various historical stages of Morocco, there were men of mysticism, Sufism and righteousness and left their touch. Some of them are still engraved in the collective memory of Moroccans and became an infernal and spiritual symbol. This article sheds light on one of the Moroccan societies, especially the Tadli society between the 16th and 17th centuries. These righteous people seek to achieve psychological comfort and stop the suffering of Tadlipeople for reasons including that are linked to natural, economic, social or political conditions, as well as in order to raise the level of religiosity and moral protection. Some of them benefited financially in the form of gifts, charity, etc., and the other took advantage of them in order to strengthen their presence and political influence.