The growing power of Oman’s navy and the establishment of political and commercial alliances between the British and with the rulers of the first Ya'ariba state (1650-1700 AD)

The presence of the British in the Indian Ocean was important since they tried to break the Portuguese hegemony during the beginning of the 16th century and the beginning of the establishment of economic, commercial and political relations with Oman. This study will deal with the role of closeness in striking deals and agreements with the British. All these tactics led to the growth of the Omani naval power. This article also analyzes the reactions of some of the European and East India powers that sought to preserve and expand the circle of their interests in Oman. The article also focuses on all the reasons that made the rulers of the state of Ya'aribadenied all previously agreementsand deals with the British and the reasons behind that. This decision had a significant impact on the Omani’s power and existence in the region.

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