Title : The controversial foundations for interpreting the problem of al-Maari's poetry between Batalyawsi and Ibn al-Arabi

The poetry of Abu Al-Alaa Al-Maari is distinguished for its interactive and argumentative context. In addition, it is rich in interpretative capabilities. In addition, Al-Maari’s poetry has a brilliant interpretive potential that establishes the literary rule. Accordingly, it aims at analyzing the foundations of dispute between Abd Allāh Ibn Muammad al-Baalyawsī and Abu Bakr Ibn al-Arabi who were famous for interpreting poetic discourse. As far as Abu Al-'Ala al-Ma'ari is concerned; the reality of his poetry resides in an argumentative context and an integrated interpretive context where the truth and authority of poetry interacts with the conflicting facts of interpretation between the three poets: al-Ma’ari, al-Battlussi and Ibn al-Arabi.