Title : Abu Bakr al-BAQILLANI reception of the miracles of the Qur'an

During the second and the fourth Hijri centuries, the prime preoccupation of scholars was to rekindle the Arab intellectual heritage and create diversity of thought and knowledge. The first predominant current tried to prove the Qur’anic miracle. The Ash'ariyya and Mu'tazila tried reasoning and logic to confront disbelievers. However, there raised issues with readership and receptivity. The second current shifted focus onto the aesthetic impact of the Qur’anic miracle. The stage is characterized by innate and pure aesthetic taste that is not spoiled as poetics and rhetoric of the Holy Qur’an appealed to readers and listeners. Yet, huge intellectual efforts were made to separate poetry from the Qur’an and vice-versa by adopting the method of proof and inference from the Quran.