Title : The impact of Foreign capital on the Moroccan economy

The Protection Treaty was a legal pretext for France to supervise Morocco. However, the reality of protection culminated in exclusive control and domination of the economic sector. Businessmen and settlers benefited largely from the wealth of the region without restrictions. Moroccans who were involved with the imperialist economic logic seized the opportunity regardless of the economic logic dictated by Islam. Thus, the socio-economic, political and cultural repercussions of French economic policy on the Moroccan economy were huge. The colonial order dismantled traditional economic patterns that existed long before, therefore, city dwellers were notably affected in by the influx of foreign capital, which deepened the gap between the Moroccan society and the colonial one, or rather between the traditional economy and modern economy. Most important, not all Moroccans benefited from the advancement of the modern sector, only small elite did.