The changes in the southwestern part of the Chaouia plain, between Casablanca and Azemmour, form the backbone of this article. These changes which have known and still know this area which corresponds to the Oulja de la Chaouia are due to internal and external factors. This has engendered and increasingly engenders the appearance, consolidation and crystallization of territories, which are not yet truly urban, particularly in the coastal strip, but which are no longer totally rural, characterized by diversity and ubiquity. of its functions: agriculture, tourism, second home, industry. In this context, the urbanization of the rural territories of the communes (Chtouka, Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch, Mharza Sahel and Laghdira) is a composite process which becomes perceptible in agriculture according to three parallel and generally synergistic paths: urban sprawl (peri-urbanization and infrastructure ), the arrival of neo-rural people bringing their urban experience to the villages and the adoption by the rural inhabitants and the farmers themselves of urban values, associated or not with an evolution of the functions they assume.

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