Tracing the movement of scientific and intellectual production that the Souss region has known throughout history clearly illustrates the importance and components of the Sousse personality and its scientific and cultural radiance. The scientific renaissance began in the ninth century AH which was truly a good start of teaching and writing. Then the tenth century came, and it emerged with a broader scientific and literary movement than before. In this period, scholars participated in vital socio-political battlefields. Thus, they participated in public matters, and took over the leadership of the people, and they were behind the consolidation of the Saadian state. All these and other factors resulted in the emergence of scholars and thinkers who had the greatest share in Souss assuming an honorable position that made it gain appreciation. It rises to a high degree in various sciences, and continues its scientific radiance and advanced intellectual production; As a model for these scholars, we mention Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Suleiman al-Roudani from the eleventh century AH, and Ahmed bin Suleiman al-Rasmoki from the twelfth century, and we conclude with the scholarly politician Muhammad al-Mukhtar al-Soussi from the fourteenth century. All of these scholars were not specialized in a single field of thought, but were encyclopedists and participants in various disciplines. Thanks to them omong others, the Susi region went through steady and gradual path aiming to advance society. Actually, their ambitions were greater than the region can accommodate until the light of knowledge radiates from Souss to illuminate all the rest of the country.