The Characters In Tahar Ben Jelloun’s Solitary Reclusion (semiological approach)

“For a semiological status of the character-'D is the title of a study by Philippe Hamon in which he traces the fundamental lines of a semio-Jogy of the character. He distinguishes it from historical, sociological, psychological, psychoanalytical and logical approaches. Conceived as a sign inscribed in the text, which is a system of linguistic signs, the character is the subject of a theoretical elaboration. Several criteria define its status: the “discontinuous signifier” or “label” (set of marks relating to the character dispersed in the text), the “discontinuous signified” (the meaning or the value of the character) and the relations of “resemblance , of opposition, of hierarchy and of distribution” that he maintains with the different characters and the various units of the text.