Moroccan Nationals Abroad and Investment in Real Estate: Development or Under-development? -The Case of Agadir-

Since the 1920, many authors have tried to study the movements of populations. But it is only from the 1960s that we can speak of scientific research on migration. At the beginning, the emphasis was placed on Moroccan emigration abroad, because it represented for rural societies one of the most effective means of resisting the effects of the socio-spatial destruction disseminated by cities and their actors. (G. SIMON, 1983). Today, the city is gradually and closely linked to the migratory phenomenon both upstream and downstream: it participates quantitatively in the flow of international migration but, above all, it is the place, par excellence, WHERE R.M.E. investments are made and skirmishes. These investments are strongly conditioned by the identity and dynamism of the emigrant on the one hand, the regional development policy and local on the other. It follows that most often the investment is a defensive character flourishing in real estate, commerce and not has a creative character capable of boosting the regional economy.

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