THE Actual Demolition of South Atlasic Piedment: Example of Down Stream Part of the Irguiten Fan, Taroudant, Morocco

At the present time, the downstream part of the Irguitene fan (Souss Valley, Morocco) is currently undergoing intense erosion. Morphogenic pro­cesses operating on the Holocene fine deposits lead to the development of a spectacular badland landscape.

These bad­lands in retourn evolve in pace with move a headwater ero­-sion.

Two factors are responsible for their development, the first and princi­pal is an anthropogenic, it is linked to the introduction of the sugar cane in the Souss valley from 12e to the l 7e centuries which led to the desappea­ ranee of the Argane forest. The second factor is linked to the activity of a hidden fault which affected the Cretaceous underground. Its inflence is evi­ dent in the behaviour of superficial streams.

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