The French Socialists and Moroccan at the Beginning of the XX Century

At the beginning of the 20th century, the French socialists did not form a strong and active political party in its struggle against the policy pursued by the government of Paris. Many parties had come together to form 1901 two socialist parties: the socialist party of France around Jules Guesde and the French Socialist Party around Jean Jaures. Admittedly, French socialism had become part of national political life because of the attachment of its militants to the republican regime, but it was far "despite great efforts from really influencing national life"! I). This fact rendered its action for the realization of social reforms almost ineffectual. Likewise, his opposition to the official colonial policy and in particular to the Moroccan policy from France was ineffective. We propose to study the causes of this lack of effectiveness of the socialist opposition in the fight against colonial expansion before 1905, the year of the unification of the various socialist currents and their fusion in the French Section of the Workers' International.