North Moroccan urbanization between colonial strategy and state role the case study of an inshore city : Larache

The urban conditions and facts in the tingitane peninsula are not a modern issue, although the importance of its different forms even in the same city we find different urban form sometimes even in contrast.

The political and historical context of Larache precolonial , the citadel medina of larache wasn’t very active, limited in its military function.

The Spanish colonialization was very influential in terms of economy and society from BAB LOUKKOUS, it has turned out Larache to territorial economical and cultural capital.

The extraverted strategy of Spanish colonialism along with the previous positive aspect mentioned, has caused an urban crisis , making from larache both a host of rural exodus and a bridge to the tingitane metropoles .

Even after the importance that larache acquired in 1986, the stakeholders couldn’t control its urban evolution and proliferation . The tentative to solve the problem was late even though the huge effort made to make it successful but the social conditions was much harder.

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