Future Dental Journal


Aim: This study compared the efficacy of gutta percha and sealer removal during retreatment using Protaper universal retreatment rotary files, D-Race rotary files and hand files with Gates Glidden. Methods: Thirty six extracted single rooted teeth were selected for the current study. The canals were prepared using a modified crown-down technique then filled using the lateral compaction technique. Specimens were randomly divided into 3 equal groups each consisted of twelve specimens. Group one used manual files, group 2 used D-Race system while group 3 used Protaper retreatment system. Samples were split longitudinally and examined under the stereomicroscope. Results: No significant differences among the Protaper and the D-RaCe groups in the mean values of root canal filling remnants, whereas the hand files and Gates Glidden group differed significantly. Conclusion: D-Race and Protaper retreatment files removed gutta percha and sealer more efficiently than hand files and Gates Glidden.