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Aim of the study: Is to compare the effects of smoking T-cigs and vaping E-cigs on clinical periodontal parameters in patients.Materials and Methods: It consisted of a clinical examination of a total of 60 individuals aged between 29 and 39 years. They responded to a questionnaire about their smoking history, and they were divided into 2 groups as E-cig vapers and T-cig smokers. Full-mouth plaque index (PI),bleeding on probing (BOP),clinical attachment loss (AL),and probing depth (PD) were measured at six sites per tooth on all maxillary and mandibular teeth except third molars. Results: T-cigarette had significantly higher probing depth, attachment level and plaque index than E-cigarette group. For bleeding index, T-Cigarette had higher value than E-Cigarette group as well yet the difference was not statistically. Conclusion: E-cigs vaping is not as hazardous to periodontal heath as T-cigs smoking.