Hebron University Research Journal-B (Humanities) - (مجلة جامعة الخليل للبحوث- ب (العلوم الانسانيه

Hebron University Research Journal-B (Humanities) - (مجلة جامعة الخليل للبحوث- ب (العلوم الانسانيه


The significance of this paper stems from the fact that it touches upon the negligence of the importance of the Palestinian heritage in protecting the individual and his identity . The paper also derives importance due to the lack of research in the field of Palestinian heritage.

This paper focuses on the problems and dangers facing Palestinian heritage under Israeli occupation , on the one hand , and the lack of attention paid by Palestinian heritage , on the other hand.

The study also aims at clarifying the archaeological discoveries in the Far East in facing continuous Israeli attempts to hide and judie the landmarks of Palestinian heritage . The study will mainly focus on the following:

  • A historical review of Palestinian heritage as well as its roots and continuity since ancient times until now
  • Strategies employed by World Zionism in order to hide and judie Palestinian heritage materially and intellectually through excavations and Judaic missionaries .these strategies result in fabricated theories and claims which are meant to falsify Palestinian heritage such as names of sites, myths ,epics, gods, religious ceremonies , folklore , handcraft...etc.
  • The study of the most important archaeological discoveries in the area which significantly contributed to revealing the Israeli Judaic fabrications which aim at distorting Palestinian heritage . Records , documents , and inscriptions play a major role in disclosing the Israeli false claims.
  • Mechanisms and recommendations which should be adopted to protect Palestinian heritage represents its identity and reflects its originality , history and continuation through generations with no gaps or distractions .it's also reflects loyalty to homeland.