Hebron University Research Journal-B (Humanities) - (مجلة جامعة الخليل للبحوث- ب (العلوم الانسانيه

Hebron University Research Journal-B (Humanities) - (مجلة جامعة الخليل للبحوث- ب (العلوم الانسانيه


This study aims to investigate the actual psychological needs of gifted students in high basic schools in Hebron district. It seeks to answer the following questions: a) what psychological needs do the gifted students need as revealed by the research tools by Do these needs differ regarding to grade, gender, economic situation, and type of upbringing?

145 gifted students, aged (12-16) participated in the study. They were chosen according to school nominations and achievements averages and by the implementation of some items of Wechsler’s Intelligence Scale for Children.

The researcher developed a questionnaire which encompasses 40 symptoms of difficulties usually gifted face. The items were developed utilizing information located at some previous research in the domain. In addition, the researcher implements some focus groups to clarify some results of quantitative data.

Results indicated that the most important psychological needs were:

a) How to avoid being bored at classrooms?

b) How to enhance curiosity and to help them scouting the ambiance?

c) How to recruit tools and material needed?

d) How to encounter family high expectations? and

e) How to help them avoid test anxiety

Other findings indicated significant differences in the needs of gifted students due to gender in the favor of females, due to the type of upbringing type in the favor of spoiled type, and due to the gifted students grade in the favor of higher grades. However, no differences were found in the gifted counseling needs due to both place of residence and family economic situation of the gifted students.