Hebron University Research Journal-B (Humanities) - (مجلة جامعة الخليل للبحوث- ب (العلوم الانسانيه

Hebron University Research Journal-B (Humanities) - (مجلة جامعة الخليل للبحوث- ب (العلوم الانسانيه


The Israeli government decided to build the separation wall in June 2002.

The wall is about 7 00 km, and it extends around the West Bank and separates it from the rest of Palestine including Jerusalem.

Israel claimed that the reason behind constructing this wall is to prevent Palestinian « terrorist» fighters from penetrating into Israel and killing the Israeli's. This Israeli interpretation is accepted neither by the Palestinians nor by the international court.

The real reasons behind building such a wall, as this paper proves, are to

achieve the following Israeli goals:

1) Confiscating more Palestinian lands.

2) Connecting the main illegal Israeli settlements in the Palestinian land .

3) Expelling more Palestinian outside their homes.

4) Separating themselves from others and living in the so- called pure Jewish state.

5) Imposing their version of the political solution for the Palestine issue which makes it impossible to establish a viable future Palestinian state.

6) Controlling the natural resources of the West Bank.

Finally, the paper concludes that Palestinians are facing a serious threat to their future, and they have to intensify their efforts in resisting the Israeli policies through popular passive resistance, intensive housing projects, wellguided media, and the reunification of Gaza and the West Bank.