Hebron University Research Journal-B (Humanities) - (مجلة جامعة الخليل للبحوث- ب (العلوم الانسانيه

Hebron University Research Journal-B (Humanities) - (مجلة جامعة الخليل للبحوث- ب (العلوم الانسانيه


The educational competencies occupied a prominent role in the preparation of the in-service teachers in general, and kindergarten teachers in particular. Given this important trend, this study aims at investigating the degree of acquisition of educational competencies gained by kindergarten teachers, and on the other hand, to investigate the real practice parameters for these skills.
The study included a sample of 135 teachers in kindergarten in the Hebron district. The researchers have built a scale for educational competencies following Alex (2010) recommendations.
The researchers conducted a literature review on the subject of the research, the questionnaire validity and reliability was calculated by content validity and by utilizing Cronbach’s alpha equation.
The study resulted in the following findings:

  • There were differences between the degrees of practice of the competencies and the degrees of acquisition of the competencies among kindergartens teachers in the favor of acquisition.
  • The competencies were ordered regarding teachers degree of acquisition in the following order: competence of classroom management, personal competence, and social competence in dealing with children, competence of evaluation, competence of methods of teaching, competence of educational components, and professional competence for using teaching techniques, competence for community participation, which ranked last.
  • It was found that the degree acquisition of competences among kindergarten bachelor’s teachers was higher than those who hold diplomas, and those kindergarten teachers who hold educational qualifications had a higher degree than those who do not have educational qualifications. The research came out with a set of recommendations drawn from the results of the study