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This study aimed to investigate the use of computerized educational games in stimulating the motivation of Kindergarten children towards learning. The sample included 60 kindergarten children in the public school kindergartens belonging to Ain Al-Basha Directorate. The sample was randomly divided into two equal groups: experimental group and control group. The experimental group was taught using computerized educational games related to the interactive national curriculum, while the control group was taught in the usual way. The motivation scale for learning was designed, and two study units (Ana, Wardati, and my family) were selected from the National Interactive Kindergarten Curriculum.

After the statistical analysis of the learning motivation observation card, the results of the study showed significant differences between the experimental and the control groups in stimulating the motivation (as a whole) towards learning. There were also significant differencees between the experimental and control groups in stimulating motivation in three fields, (attention to educational situation, the demand towards the activity, and the continueousness of the activity performance until learning is achieved) in favor of the experimental group.

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