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This study assessed 1) the relationship between body mass and handgrip strength for children with hearing impairment in Jordan; 2) handgrip strength values of our sample with the established norms for healthy individuals. 51 students with hearing impairment volunteered for the study. Body mass, height, handgrip for the left and right hand were measured and body mass index was also calculated. Handgrip strength was measured 3-times for each hand and the average of the 3-values was calculated. There was a significant correlation between body mass and handgrip strength for both hands (P < 0.05). Handgrip strength of the right hand was higher than the left hand (P < 0.05). The handgrip strength of both hands was equal to the 70th percentile in comparison to the norms of healthy students. In conclusion, body mass index correlated with handgrip strength of both hands for students with hearing impairment. In addition, handgrip strength values for students with hearing impairment were within the normal range for healthy-normal students.

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