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The present study aimed at identifying the level of loneliness، stressors and anxiety about the future among a sample of spinsters in (AL-Karak Governorate) in Jordan revealing the effects of psychological stressors and future worries at the extent of loneliness among spinsters. The sample of the study included (401) women who were more than 35 years old. Three measures were developed: (loneliness، pressures and future anxiety). By adopting these measures، the results indicated that the degree of feeling psychological loneliness among spinsters in Jordan was high with a mean score about (3.68)، the level of future anxieties was moderate with a mean of (3.17) and the pressures had a high degree with a mean score of (3.75). There was a stronger co- relational relationship between (feeling lonely and stress) than the relation between (future anxiety and stress). The findings indicated that stress and future anxiety predict the degree of loneliness with stress as (%54.3).The study recommended conducting more studies about spinsters by legislating laws to secure a decent life for them.

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